What is Coaching?

Coaching, in its purest form, is NOT therapy, consulting, or teaching, though it teams up nicely with all three. A coach partners with you to create the life you want now, and you can make that happen in an infinite number of ways.

Here’s a small list of examples of coachable topics:

Uncover your natural gifts and talents, create healthy relationships, find more success, improve your performance at work, find more time, more energy, more creativity, to lead a more healthy life, to be happy, if you feel stuck in life, if you feel unfulfilled, if you have no idea what to do next...this list could honestly go on for hours!

What you can expect...

Your coach is going to support you and your vision with compassion, clarity, and confidence. The coaching relationship continues after each session into your own life, and you set the parameters: everything is ultimately your decision. A great coach will push you to do and reach for more, but not past what you can handle. The ultimate goal of each session is to end with something of value that you didn’t have before the session began.

It’s important to remember: coaching is a journey, but it’s also an adventure. The whole process is rich with hope, love, and FUN!!! We’re in the life sandbox, let’s play!

Feel free to contact Emily directly with any questions: emily@ek.coach.