Emily is a certified life coach, professional songwriter, and an adventure enthusiast. She strictly follows the ICF code of ethics, and is trained in the IFS model. Contact her directly to discover how she can best support you!

Emily Kerpelman’s story started with music.

Born from a hunger to find creative ways to express herself, she discovered an outlet in writing and performing her own songs. In addition, she had (and still has) a burning fascination with the inner workings of her mind that extended outward and fueled a constant, curious study of the minds of others. She brought her music to college, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Upon graduation, the passion for music won out initially, sending her off to Los Angeles to find her place in the entertainment industry.

10 years later, after a grueling (yet rewarding) career in music, she realized she was missing something meaningful in her life. So, she decided to hire an IFS coach. The awareness awarded through that relationship led to a well of creativity, freedom, and energy she had no idea existed within her. It spilled out into every part of her life, changing the way she saw the world for the better. She was extremely moved by her experience, and one day recognized with astounding clarity what she had been missing. The joy and fulfillment of creativity and self-expression, the freedom and pillar-like strength of more energy and compassion in life: she burned to have a part in making it possible for others to journey toward and celebrate similar discoveries in their own lives.

Emily believes in practicing what she preaches. She works hard every day to live from her own set of values: to be active, adventurous, creative, bold, and compassionate, so that she can partner with you from a place of integrity. Your life can change for the better, and much sooner than you think. The hope and possibilities for your success are infinite.

Emily would be honored to partner with you on your journey. She’s ready to hold the space you need free of judgment, because when someone did that for her, it changed her life. Feel free to contact Emily to set up an intro call to explore how she can best support you:

Emily’s pups, Chewie and Banjo.

Emily’s pups, Chewie and Banjo.